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Sports Nutrition and Diet Programs

A different kind of sports training

A training program isn't complete without a balanced diet to fuel athletes and ensure enough energy for competition. Our sports nutrition program is designed to help individuals in Columbia, Lexington and across the Midlands of South Carolina learn how and when to eat to achieve their maximum performance.

Our sport-specific analysis includes:
  • Improving consistency of energy levels
  • Increasing building effects of strength training
  • Speeding recovery
  • Diminishing muscle breakdown
  • Minimizing risk of injury
  • Improving overall performance

Athletes work with our registered dietitian nutritionist to learn what to eat and drink before, during and after exercise, as well as during down time.  We combine the latest dietetic research with practical advice to help develop a customized individual plan, including sample meal and snack ideas. Our team holds athletes accountable so they understand this important element of a successful training regimen.

For more information, call us at 803-296-9202 or send us a message.

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Nutrition for injury prevention and recovery

Did you know that more than 80 percent of athletes experience a sports-related injury in their athletic career? Did you know that your diet could increase your risk of injuries and slow the healing process? Proper nutrition is critical for recovery from training sessions, muscle growth and reducing inflammation in the body.

Join us Tuesday, March 6, 2018, as sports dietitian Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, explains how to balance the optimal athlete’s plate to ensure adequate nutrient intake for injury prevention and healing.

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Apex Athletic Performance - Nutrition Programs Price List

Assessment $80
1 session $60
4 sessions for 1 month $220
2 sessions a month for 3 month (draft) contract $108/month
4 sessions a month for 3 month (draft) contract $204/month