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Sports Performance

A different kind of sports training

Apex Athletic Performance brings a unique approach to sport-specific performance training for athletes in Columbia, Lexington and across the Midlands of South Carolina. Our programs are designed to safely and effectively help athletes compete at the highest level.

Using a science-based analysis of each athlete's sport and position, our certified strength and conditioning coaches and functional movement specialists develop personalized training plans for each individual. Athletes train in an intense, fast-paced environment designed to foster a competitive spirit and drive to succeed, and our facilities are outfitted with the latest training and motion analysis equipment.

Strength and conditioning
Our certified specialists work one-on-one with each athlete to master basic muscle movements and improve strength and agility. Each personalized training regimen is aimed at improving the athlete’s identified areas of improvement with a combination of weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and mental encouragement.

Performance training
Success in sports requires understanding and mastery of specific skills and motion unique to each sport and position. Apex Athletic Performance specializes in position-specific training for all sports. Each athlete receives a personalized analysis and performance training regimen tailored to help them understand and perfect the body mechanics required to help them perform at the highest level possible.

Return to play
The time between safely completing rehabilitation and returning to play is crucial in an athlete’s career. At Apex, we understand the importance of allowing tissue to heal, and the steps it takes to safely rebuild strength. We bring medical professionals and training specialists together to give injured athletes a medically-supervised training regimen that returns them to competing at or above their prior level without compromising safety.


Apex Athletic Performance Price List

Foundation Class (Assessment)
Package of 5 sessions 75
Performance Training
Single Session 25
Package of 10 (expiration 60 days from start date) 225
2 Times a week for one month 160
2 Times a week for 3 month (draft) contract $120.00/month
3 Times a week for one month 240
3 Times a week for 3 month (draft) contract $180.00/month
4 Times a week for one month 320
4 Times a week for 3 month (draft) contract $240.00/month
Group Training – general physical fitness class
One month up to 12 sessions $120.00/month
One month up to 12 sessions for 6 month (draft) contract $100.00/month
Field rental
One hour exclusive use of field for up to 5 athletes $50.00/hr
6 to 10 athletes $75.00/hr
11 to 15 athletes $125.00/hr
16 to 20 athletes $150.00/hr
High Speed Video Analysis
1.5 hours of videoed movement & skills analysis with written report 125
Functional Movement Analysis
30 minute analysis of asymmetries with written report and corrective exercises 45
Return to play (pre-requistion: physical therapy)
One Month (up to 8 sessions) 45
Return to Play program (3 month draft contract) $40.00/month
Post PT personal training
Single Session 25