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Skills Camps

Speed and Agility Camp

Apex Speed and Agility CampDeveloping skills in a fun and fast-paced environment

Apex is now offering Speed and Agility Camp sessions this summer. Athletes age 8–13 will learn the foundation of speed, agility and quickness training that can be applied across all sports. Give your athletes an advantage next season by training this offseason!

Classes are offered from June 11 to Aug. 17 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9–10:30 a.m. Rates are $225 for four weeks, or $400 for nine weeks. Sign up now to start your summer off right! 


Softball Skills Camp

Apex Speed and Agility CampIncrease your Softball skills, strength and speed

This 3-week series of camp sessions is designed to elevate your game through three elements: testing, execution awareness and disciplined control. We will use the Hitter Handicap program to measure exit velocity and ball exit consistency. Learn how to sharpen your mental awareness through a series of self-coaching techniques and guidance on mindset approach. Improve your control through progressive development drills. Our training sessions will give athletes the opportunity to build their skill set in a positive group environment with an “iron sharpens iron” approach, where athletes encourage the best in one another. Strength and speed sessions will develop sprinting technique, acceleration, change of direction and jumping technique. At-home drills will be provided as well.

Sessions will meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays (six sessions total), in groups of no more than 15 participants. Tuesdays will focus on offensive drills and Thursdays will focus on defensive drills. Created for athletes 12 years old and up.


Soccer Skills, Strength and Speed Camp

Apex Soccer CampIncrease your soccer skills, strength and speed

The program will teach and enhance the proper techniques of running, agility, strength, plyometric movement, balance and ball manipulation as they relate to the game of soccer. These 90-minute classes meet three times a week for two weeks, June 26–July 7. 

The program is directed and coached by Greg Vallee, South Carolina Youth Soccer technical director and Paul Beckwith, Apex Athletic Performance supervisor of sports performance. Designed to meet the needs of individual athletes, the fun and fast-paced program is delivered in a state-of-the-art facility. Put in the work and see the results on the field.