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Fitness Classes and Strength Training Programs

Body By Apex

This class is designed to assist in regaining your competitive edge, energy and overall health. Includes individualized assessment, training and continuous personal feedback. This is personal training without the personal training price tag.


If you're seeing your competition getting faster and stronger – or you want to extend your own lead – this course is for you. Our coaches design sport-specific training goals for classes of up to five participants and modify exercises to meet each of your needs.

Power Hour

Turn your lunch hour into an intense Power Hour. These noon sessions are for working professionals trying to fit fitness into their demanding schedules. The class is a 45-minute session that will enable you to reach your goals in less time.

Limited time offer – 50% off a single session

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$30 per class session • $140 for five sessions ($10 off) • $270 for ten sessions ($30 off) 

Classes are offered Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Draft contract pricing:
$200/month – two sessions per week »
$300/month – three sessions per week »
(A three-month commitment includes a FREE nutrition assessment – $80 value)

More information

Apex Athletic Performance group fitness classes are designed for adults age 20 and older and are 45 minutes to an hour long. Our classes will increase your strength, endurance and flexibility through cardiovascular, interval, circuit and strength training.

Apex Athletic Performance fitness classes offer:

  • A wide variety of different workouts every day
  • Equipment you will not find in any other public facility in the state – our facilities rival  collegiate and professional sport levels
  • An intense, fast-paced environment designed to foster a competitive spirit and drive to succeed

Apex Athletic Performance recommends these programs for individuals who are cleared for intense exercise by their physician. A commitment of two or three sessions per week over an eight-week period is recommended to define your success in our programs.

Apex Athletic Performance - Fitness Price List

1 session $30
5 sessions $140
10 sessions $270
8 sessions a month for 3 months (draft) contract $200/month
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12 sessions a month for 3 months (draft) contract $300/month
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