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Body and Movement Sports Science Analysis Programs

Science is the Apex difference

Apex Athletic PerformanceAt Apex Athletic Performance, body and movement science drives our training model. Our PhD-level functional movement specialists perform precise measurements to teach athletes how to safely apply the principles of biomechanics and physiology to improve agility and build strength.

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Serving Columbia, Lexington and the greater Midlands of South Carolina, our training includes:

  • Examing an athlete’s body efficiency in motion
  • Prescribing corrective movement techniques
  • Maximizing energy output
  • Optimizing body mechanics

At Apex, we use the same high-speed video analysis and other technologies used by professional athletes. By taking advantage of these tools, our athletes learn how and why their bodies move - and can safely enhance their performance.


Electromyography is a diagnostic tool that assesses nerve stimulation and muscle activation. This non-invasive procedure helps us understand hidden muscle functions that   can be enhanced through specific exercise regimens. This information can help in tailoring a custom exercise to target specific muscles and improve strength.

Functional Movement Screen

A Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS) is a widely-used tool to help identify limitations in movement. Once identified, these can be corrected through the prescription of specific exercise programs and changes in motion that are designed to enhance stability and mobility. The FMS also is used as a baseline test so coaches can track progress. 

Biomechanical Analysis

For athletes who are trying to improve a specific motion, high-speed video and state-of-the-art software are used to analyze golf swings, baseball pitches, and other sports movements. This in-depth analysis helps coaches identify opportunities for improvement and develop an individualized plan for stretching, strengthening, and speed and agility training.

Apex Athletic Performance - Sports Science Price List

High-speed video analysis (movement and skills analysis with written report), 1 hour
2-dimensional high-speed video analysis $200
3-dimensional high-speed video analysis $300
Functional movement analysis, sport-related or gait analysis, no video $90
VO2 max testing $150
Wingate test $50
Functional movement screen $45