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Sports Performance

A different kind of sports training

Apex Athletic Performance brings a unique approach to sport-specific performance training for athletes in Columbia, Lexington and across the Midlands of South Carolina. Our programs are designed to safely and effectively help athletes compete at the highest level.

Improve your results

  • Decrease your 40-yard sprint time by two-tenths of a second.
  • Decrease your 5-10-5 shuttle time by one-fourth of a second.
  • Improve your vertical jump by 4 inches.
  • Improve your broad jump by 9 inches.


A physical assessment consisting of functional movements designed to test mobility and stability.

Activities included will determine strength and explosive power; each athlete is tested against a formula to classify him or her as elite, intermediate or beginner based on their real-time performance.

Athletes will attend a short group session on basic sports nutrition and fueling..

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Huger St.  Lexington


Position-specific sports performance athletic training on a personalized schedule and regimen.

Specializing in all sports, we work with athletes to increase understanding and mastery of specific skills and motion unique to their sport and position.

Each athlete receives a personalized analysis and a performance training regimen tailored to help them understand and perfect the body mechanics required to help them perform at the highest level possible.

Choose a location to schedule

Huger St.  Lexington

How to register

  • Athletes must sign up for a Foundation assessment class.
  • Athletes must register for Foundation Performance Training classes.
  • Classes are offered daily at our Huger Street  and Lexington locations.

How to prepare for your assessment

Once you are scheduled for your assessment, here’s how you can prepare to do your best:

  1. Drink at least 16 oz. of water two hours before your assessment. You want to make sure you are well hydrated before any type of training sessions.
  2. Eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate light meal or snack 1½–2 hours before your assessment so that your body has time to digest the food prior to exercise.
  3. Wear active clothing for exercise with appropriate running shoes and socks.

Parents: Do not drop off your child until you have come inside to sign our waiver and meet our instructors.

About our training programs

Using a science-based analysis of each athlete's sport and position, our certified strength and conditioning coaches and functional movement specialists develop personalized training plans for each individual.

Athletes train in an intense, fast-paced environment designed to foster a competitive spirit and drive to succeed, and our facilities are outfitted with the latest training and motion analysis equipment.

All Apex classes can be used to attend performance training classes or a nutrition class.
– Performance training classes
– Foundation class (initial assessment for all new clients)
– Foundation Fueling class
– Other nutrition classes
Class all-inclusive package:
Apex Advantage Package
3-month training package includes 8 performance training classes a month and a 30 minute monthly one on one nutrition visit that covers body composition, nutrition education, and customized meal planning.
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Class packages:
Single class $25
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Package of 10 classes (expiration is 4 months from start date) $225
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Package of 20 classes (expiration is 4 months from start date) $300
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Group classes:
Nutrition group class (up to 25 participants) $160
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Group class with cooking demonstration (includes food for up to 25 participants) $250
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Nutrition appointments:
Assessment (initial visit) $80
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Follow-up consults:
 – 1 visit $60
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 – 4 visits for 1 month $220
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 – 2 visits a month for 3-month contract (bank draft) $108/month
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