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Patient Testimonials

Clifford Barrett

Richland County Deputy Sheriff Clifford Barrett - Apex Athletic Performance

In January, Clifford Barrett will celebrate 38 years as a Richland County deputy sheriff. At the age of 61, Clifford is hoping to improve his health, lose weight and increase his flexibility. Recently, as part of a program with Richland County, Clifford completed Real Age Assessment, a comprehensive fitness assessment. Clifford believes his experience at Apex will help him reach his fitness goals.

Matrick Belton

Matrick Belton - Apex Athletic Performance

Matrick Belton, a 2016 graduate of the University of South Carolina, saw firsthand the difference that Apex Athletic Performance made in his football career at USC. After graduating from Keenan High School and playing football for two years at Hampton University in Virginia, Belton made his way back home to Columbia and walked onto the football team. Even as a walk-on, Belton graduated having made five starts and played in 21 games. “I improved as an all-around athlete, and my pro days were what I was aiming for,” he said.

“Apex is a positive environment where I’m free to work. It’s more technical, and they focus on details and one-on-one training more than anywhere else I’ve trained.” In the future, Matrick hopes to use his physical education degree to become a football coach. In the meantime, he will keep training at Apex, where he says trainer Paul Beckwith has “the best Milly Rock he’s seen in a long time.”

Colleen Finney

Colleen Finney - Apex Athletic Performance

Colleen Finney, a rising sophomore volleyball player at Blythewood High School, has been training at Apex since December 2016. With an offer from Wofford as well as interest from multiple SEC programs, she has already seen the improvement in her game and her body. “Apex trains me based on the sport I play, allowing me to build muscle in the places that are going to help me succeed on the court," said Colleen. "As I continue to push towards D-I volleyball, I know Apex will continue to make me stronger. By the time I’m at the collegiate level, I’ll be prepared for that intensity of training.”

Despite the success she’s experienced as such a young player, Colleen knows that she has room to improve and looks forward to the challenges ahead. “Even though he has awful dance moves, Paul has helped me a lot," she said. "Jonathan has also been great so far.

Garret Gainey

Garret Gainey - Apex Athletic Performance

Garrett Gainey, a junior baseball player at Hartsville High School, suffered a torn labrum in January 2017. After nine months of weekly rehab and performance training at Apex, he’s focused on making this season his best one yet.

A left-handed pitcher and first baseman, Garrett has been on the diamond since he was 3 years old. After his injury, he knew that working with former All-American pitcher Brian Wiley at Apex was going to not only help him return to full strength, but improve his game as he pursues his dream of playing at the Division I level.

“My favorite part of training at Apex is how hard they push me,” said Garrett. As baseball season approaches, he’s ready to show colleges such as Clemson and Coastal Carolina just how much his hard work has paid off. Following an injury, Garrett is ready to bounce back, and he chose Apex to help make it happen. “Why wouldn’t you come to the best?" he said.

Bud Jeter

Bud Jeter - Apex Athletic Performance

Bud Jeter, a graduate of Dreher High School in Columbia, attended Presbyterian College before being drafted in the 25th round of the 2013 Major League Baseball draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jeter has made it to the AA level as a right-handed pitcher and is currently training at Apex as he looks to continue his ascent towards the MLB.

“There’s a common misconception that pitchers aren’t athletes," said Bud. "With Apex, I’m going to become a more explosive athlete – which will translate to my pitching. There’s also so much equipment that can measure how explosive I am and the progress I’m making.”

Having known Apex trainers Brian and Paul, Bud knew that Apex would be a good fit. “I chose Apex off of Paul and Brian’s track record," he said. "I love the atmosphere here. I want to fulfill my childhood dream of making it to the majors. Hopefully Apex will help me achieve that.”